Monday, January 22, 2018

The first blog of the year

I have been slack of late and have not been updating much so lots of kms have been misssed.
I have been away and ridden at Kateriteri MTB park exploring some of the work up there.  Great stuff with most tracks now one way.

Here in Chch we rode last week but I can't remember much  This week I got out there by myself a couple of times and the lads got out also. 

Saturday was my biggest ride of the week but it was hot.  Crawled up Huntsbury in 28 degrees but had a nice breeze at the top where I turned right and headed around to Sign of the Kiwi.  I rode down Choir Boy (what was called old Dyers) trying to time it so I could ride straight into the Adventure Park at 12.  Got to the start of Loess track to find it opens at 11am on weekends now.  Had a great run down here.  First time ever in the park and on this track since it reopened.  From there I made my way home but the Map my ride played up at the stop I made at Moon under Water.

Yesterday we had a small posse meet at mine.  The Cook, Dozer, Tinkerbell and the sweet Bumblebee (Yes Jennas new name) .  It was quite warm and we headed off around Hansens Park and then up Huntsbury.  The Cook riding out front by himself, Dozer chasing him and the rest of us just doing a steady climb.  Little regroup at the top of the Tarmac before The Cook rode on ahead.  The rest of us except the Bumblebee hung a right and got onto the single track half way up the track and followed this to the landing strip and then onto the top.  The Bumblebee followed the main track to the top.  I led off over Vernon with the Cook on my tail.  A few people coming our way but no problems.  Coming down the fast strecth towards rapaki some girl grovelling up so I pulled off to the side.  Then she stopped so I decided to drop back onto the track, did not see the ditch in the long grass so over the bars I went .  Hard landing and opened up my elbow on the wooden drainage system and banged my thigh and ribs on solid objects.  Stopped the bleeding and let the Cook and Dozer go first.  Tinks and the Bumblebee stopped and we decided to look at me above Rapki.  I got there and my leg was not functioning all that well so decided to go down Rapaki.  The lovely Bumblebee arranged to go down also and would meet me at their place to do some wound mending after showers. (different houses).  The others continued on around to Summner.  Today I feel rather sore and bummed out.

Steves run.

The Cooks Run

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sunday 17th December

A big posse of Mcgyver, Mellonfarmer, Phatboy, The Cook, Dozer, Silverfox, Tinkerbell, The Lovely Jenna and myself set off in the heat for a bit of fun.  We made our way around to Huntsbury and started to climb.  Any shade was good as the heat was really starting to hit and no breeze.  Steadyish climb, but not a fast pace up the tarmac.  In the shade at the top most regrouped and enjoyed the shade.  I slowed right down but did not stop as I was a snail.  Continued on up, Mcgyver caught me and then took a few lads off the main track to come across the airfield while the rest of us stayed on the main track.  Grind grind.  The heat was intense at the top and we all gathered in the shade along the road as and when we arrived.  Decided to change the ride plan to avoid the excess climbing. Over Vernon we went and then Witch Hill.  Jenna doing the road and giving it a nudge along towards Castle Rock. Mellonfarmer punctured on Witch Hill.  Down Castle Rock we went then The Cook clipped a rock and over he went.  A bit of face damage but no broken bits.  Continued on and a regroup in the shade at the top of Bridal Path.  Onwards to John Brittain and then into Old Greenwood taking the left hand line down to the Pines.  Jenna did this track also.  Then we headed down the line towards Clifton Hill.  Dozer did a whoopsie and twisted his bars (a quick fix).  Continued on down with Macgyver leaving the track briefly and then out onto Canon Hill. Panorama Drive before cutting down towards Mulgans Track and then it was a road ride back to the Ferrymead Bridge.  Then some lady ran Silverfox down by turning into him at the lights.  Mellonfarmer and Phatboy headed home while the rest of us headed around the towpath and to Twisted hop for water, food and drinks.  Home after this.  A very hot ride.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sunday 3rd December

A warm day ahead so the plan was to start a tad earlier.  8.30 start and 22 degrees already.  Phatboy, The Cook, Tinkerbell, Bugs, Dozer and I headed off around Hansens and then started the climb up Ramahana, Aotea and Huntsbury.  The lads were kind and rode slow for me who still trailled a bit.  It was hot and we all enjoyed any breeze we found.  Stopped in the shade when we could.  Finally got to the top and I led off over Mt Vernon.  Better for me on this stuff.  Good clip around with Phatboy chasing but not really closing, slowed by uphill traffic but smiling at the end.  Over Witch Hill, me having a better run than usual, Cook and Dozer dabbing a bit in front of me.  Then climbed to Castle Rock. Not a bad run down here but then it was hot in the sheltered spots.  We all sat in the shade at the top of Bridal Path pleased that there was some shade and a breeze.  Onwards and upwards under the gondala and then up the single track to the aerials on Mt Pleasant.  Good climb up here considering the heat.  Then down the otherside.  Tried a new track that takes you down to greenwood.  From here we did the track down to the Pines above Richmond and then climbed back to the old entrance to Greenwood.  !st time I had climbed this.  Good climb.  Down John Brittain.  Had a couple of close calls when my front wheel slid on the trimmed grass laying on the track.  Phatboy has the same but rear wheel.  Down we went hooking into McCormacks Bay track.  This was fun and very dry.  Couple of lock ups but otherwise just a great ride.  From here we took the trails around the towpath and this threw us out at the back of The Twisted Hop for a drink and feed.  I stayed on with my wife for lunch and the boys went home.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Friday 17th November

2 groups of riders today.

Bugs, Macgyver, The Cook, Dozer and a mate went up to Craigiburn to ride.  Big days ride.

Silverfox and I did not have the day to spare so we did a local ride.  We headed up Rapaki and left onto Montgomery Spur for a loop and then carried on up Rapaki riding the singletrack along the edge until the final climb.  I led off over Vernon and had quite a good run up here for me.  Got a bit of a lead on the Fox.  Regrouped at the start of the Traverse.  Some bunnies rode past and got a jump.  We let them get what we thought was a good lead but they only made it to the rocky bit.  One of themn stood on my normal line over the rock so I took the right hand line for a change.  Past 3 people and then gave chase to 3 more catching them before the pines.  Nice blast.  Rode Thompsons and then got a call from my girls who were walking Harry Ell.  They were gonna meet us in 15 minutes so we did the bottom half of the Nun.  The girls took longer so we could of ridden the whole track.  Back up to Vic and then down we came.  At the end of Shazzas some guy who could not ride was asking how to get out so we took him down the easy way until the turn off to Hidden track.  We headed up there (not with him )  and then hooned down Old Skool.  Really enjoyed the lines on this.  Went down to the pub for a beer and chips before heading home.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sunday 29th October

Feeling slightly tired thanks to a great night during and after the rugby.  Silverfox, Tiinkerbell and The Cook (on his new rig), arrived and we chatted and decided a ride to Sumner and up Ct Thomas was a good idea.  We rode around via the Woolston Cut and Towpath to Ferrymead Bridge where we hooked up with Phatboy and Dozer.  Stiff easterly blowing as we pumped along the Coastal Pathway then onto the road out to Sumner.  Took off a layer at the bottom of the track before starting up.  Good climb but a few of us were complaining of being wobbly.  Phatboy included.  Evans pass was a stop in the shade before wobbling our way up Godley Head track.  The further we went the better we got.  At the top of Annaconda we decided to head out to the heads above the road.  Took the steep highline as our normal line has got a bit overgrown.  A wee rest in the sun at the carpark before coming back under the road.  Good wee run around here.  Down the snake where we all had good pace , then the tail.  Some sort of event was just winding up and the traffic up the road was pretty thick.  We all survived but the cars slowed us down coming down into Sumner.  Cruised along the beach front and then stopped at Dot Com.  Nice ride back with a tail wind.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Day 5 Trip. Queenstown on the 17th October

Drove to Queenstown.  Phatboy and The Cook hired some heavy duty downhill rigs for the morning.  The rest of us got organised and then up the Gondala.  1st run was as a team and after this we split up.  I rode with Silverfox the whole morning.  Enjoyed myself thouroughly. Even survived the gondala lifts.  Favourite tracks for the day were Singletrack Sammy and Thingmajig. Got loose and carefree for the morning.Everyone did their thing and rode as much as they wanted.  Great morning.  Had a wonder around town and then back to camp for a great evening.

Day 4 of the trip. October 16th Alexandra and Bannockburn

Up and drove to Alexandra and out to a track called Flattop.  Parked up and then Bugs, Dozer and The Cook discovered they had left the key to the Bike Lock back in Cromwell.  Off they went.  The rest of us rugged up and went and explored around the dam at the start of the track.  Sat in the sun and generally waited.  Eventually the boys got back and we started to climb.  Not a bad climb with only one or two pinches.  Stopped for a dump half way which made me feel better.  Up to the top where it was typical Alex country.  Most of the lads enjoyed themselves with jumps and rock climbing etc.  I did not get my head into it for some reason.  Zoned out and fecked off really.  Overall an ok ride for me but the others enjoyed it.  Back to town for lunch.

After lunch went to explore some tracks with Phatboy but they were closed so we drove to Bannockburn to ride around an old mining site.  What an interesting and eventful afternoon.  Started with a steep climb then Phatboy wrecked his deraileur and lots of spokes in a non event.  He walked back while we rode on.  Some interesting sites but nothing exciting.  Around and up.  Got attacked by a Magpie and then it was downhill.  This was fun and fast.  Got back to the cars and as they loaded the Cooks bike on the rack they discovered the frame was cracked.  This trip was getting expensive.