Monday, May 13, 2019

Saturday 11th May

I needed to use up my pass at MTB park so I rode around to the park via all the little byways and got on the lift at 10am sharp.  2nd ride up and then took summit connector out and then the bottom half of the Nun hooking up at 10.20 exactly with Phatboy as arranged. He had ridden his new Yeti up to see how it went.  I followed him down Choirboy and then he hit Captain Cook while I went straight down and into Loess rider.  My fastet time ever down here which was cool.  Hitting the berms better and throwing my bike around a bit more.  Stayed in front of Phatboy all the way although I think he did slow down a couple of times (or so he said).  At the bottom we hooked up with Junior who was out for the first time in a while and then headed up for a run down Yeah yeah Gnah, Lor of possums and Handle the old jandle. Great run down here by all of us.  Straight back up for another run where they came down Swinger Party and ?? while I came down the Green track so I could pedal.  Once again fastest time ever.  Juniour headed home and Phatboy and I headed up and out onto Summit Connector, lower Nun and onto the road by the Kiwi.  Started the climb upto Vic.  Half way up we heard a shout and there was Mellonfarmer out riding.  He and Phatboy headed down through Vic while I cruised around the Summit Road to avoid the clusters of riders on the traverse.  Over Mt Vernon and trhen down Rapaki.  The top half was on the sidle track beside the true Rapaki.  Quite fun even if a little greasy and then plowed down the main track at pace.  Pedalling as I went.  Good pace.  Finally home.  Nice ride overall.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sunday 28th April

I set off for a flat ride around to the mountain bike park, stopping to chat with Silverfoxes wife Di along the way.  Arrived with time to spare meeting The Cook before catching the 1st lift of the day.  Down the Summit Connector onto the bottom of Marleys and and at the start of Choirboy we hooked up with Phatboy.  We waited about 1 minute and the Tinkerbell and Jenna arrived.  Headed down Choirboy, me having my fastest run down here since I got map my ride.  Felt awesome.  We regrouped at the top of the park before heading down Loess rider.  Tinkerbell and The Cook took Captain Cook to start with so Phatboy and I got a jump.  Although I had a good run down here Tinkerbell caught me which meant that The Cook caught up also.  I let them both pass just so I could enjoy my run.  2Nd fastest time for me ever.  If I had not stopped it could of beemn my fastest. Regrouped with Tinks and Jenna heading home.  Up for another run this time down Yeah Yeah nah, onto Lord of the Possums (the joining spot has changed for some reason and LOP has a couple of jumpy bits being added) and then straight into Handle the Jandal.  Great run here although right at the end we got held up by a young fella.  Up for a lift and while the other 2 went down the same run I did the Green route so I would have to pedal and work to enjoy it.  Got some good speed up anyway.  Stopped for drinks beforew heading home.  Enjoyablke and got rid of some of my passes.  Need one more session to empty the card.

Monday, April 15, 2019

14th April

The Cook and I set off early and headed around Hansens and then up Ramahanna, Aotea and Huntsbury to keep ahead of the rest of the group.  Dawdled our way up.  Had to stop a couple of times to stretch out the legs.  Up the gravel and as we had time headed out along the Mt Vernon Track to the point it drops and then back to the top of Huntsbury.  2 minutes later Phatboy and Dozer arrived along with half of Chch it seems.  Phatboy took off then some guy jumped in followed by another on an elctric.  We thought they would be quick but they were ultra slow.  Got passed them at the rock garden and then had a nice flow.  Top of Vic quite quick.  The lads headed down Thompson while I had a quick run down the road to the loos.  Met up above Choirboy.  Had an excellant run down here before having a fun run down Loess.  Phatboy had to stop and add air to a tire and never caught us.  Got slowed down near the bottom by some guy who was not prepared to stop.  Phatboy headed home for a lunch engagement while Dozer headed up the uphill as he had no pass.  The Cook and I headed up for a run down Lord of Possums and then waited for Dozer .  Great run down LOP for me.  Then down Handle the Jandal which was nice.  First time down the entire track.  Stopped for a drink before pumping it home in heavy drizzle.  Felt fine although very sore legs after it was over.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sunday 31st March

It seems I am the only person writing this blog.  I finally got back on the bike and chose to meet the lads at the bottom of Lower John Brittain.  Drove up into the cloud and unloaded.  It was cool and dampish.  The lads, Phatboy, Tinekerbell, The Cook and Dozer arrived at the same time so they had me lead the way to the top.  I had no idea where I was towardss the end as my glasses were completely fogged up.  I removed them before we went on. From here I tail ended as 1st we rode the top of JB and then across the road and into Mt Pleasant track climb.  I was a tad slow with legs giving out along the way. Phone rung and it was Mellonfarmer who said he would meet at the top on his Fatwheeled beast.  Finally at the top and MF rode up.  Down we went in not a bad run considering the weather.  The Cook slowed down by lack of visibility.  Mellonfarmer and I headed down to the pines while the others headed down Greenwood.  We had a nice flow before climbing back up to the old entrance to Greenwood.  A slight adjustment to my gears helped.  Down JB to the ute.  I loaded up and headed to Dot Com to meet the others.  They had a good run down by all accounts.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sunday 20th January

Up and to the gate by 8.30 to meet the Cook.  We rode around Hansens Park to the botoom of Huntsbury.  We waited their for The Cats Mother and waved to Tinkerbell who was meeting Bugs and Dozer at my place to start later.  Anyhow the 3 of us ambled up Huntsbury with a couple of short rests/regroups where the others waited for me to catch up.  Made it to the top ith a couple of miunutes to spare before the other 3 caught up.  Along the Travers, the first half for me was a tad slow but the 2nd half was better.  Down Thompsons and then regrouped at top of Choirboy.  Instead of tail ending I took the number 4 spot and had a good run down here.  Then we headed into Ct Cook which was good and we all cleaned this.  Then Loess ride with The Cats Mother taking tail end spot.  Enjoyable run down but tiring as always.  Tinkerbell and the Cats Mother headed home while the rest of us got a lift to the top.  2 very long stops while on the chairlift did not impress me at all.  We headed down Summit Connector (only the 2nd time for me) and then into Lower Ct Thomas.  The first time in a very long time.  Rode up to the top of Vic and took the Rock Garden, into Gums then down Shazzas, Brents, Bridges and out.  Long time since I did any of Vic park and it was fun.  Had a drink at FAVA and then home for a wee break.  29k so far.  I went out with Lady Janine for a practise ride in the sun and ended up doing just over 24k.  Big day and I was stuffed and sore at the end of it.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Sunday23rd December

It rained all night and I thought we would not get out for a ride.  Fined up but as we thought the tracks would be too wet we decided to continue with the plan to do a tarmac ride.  Bugs and Tinkerbell arrived at mine so we headed down Richardson Tce and turnt right onto the Heathcote Cycleway, this took us to the park and the towpath.  It was a bit wet in spots but good riding.  The lads let me set the pace.  We arrived at Ferrymead Bridge just as Phatboy showed up.  While he lost a layer I took off up St Andrews Hill knowing the others would catch me up.  Grind grind grind with a wee break along the way. At the bottom of John Brittain we decided the track would be too wet and continued up Mt Pleasant Road turning right onto Summit Road.  Got passed by a group of roadies but we caught them up as the slowed for the rougher stretch under the gondala.  Boys had a wee stop at the top of Bridal Path and I mossied on.  Got passed by the roadies who got passed by this big guy on a leckie Fatbike.  It was humming along.  Stopped at the top of Castle Hill before continuing on.  Finally layered up at the top of Huntsbury for a quick blast down here.  Turnt left on the tarmac so we could go towards Moon under Water for a Xmas beer before they closed.  Nice wee interlude before the ride down Tennyson and home.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sunday 16th December

I set off from mine at about 8.45 to try and make it to the top of Huntsbury at troughly the same time.  Phatboy, Bugs, Dozer, Tinkerbell and The Cook left about 9ish.  I grunted up the hill feeling not too bad and finally hit the Summit road.  Load clloud was hanging around and thinking the boys would not be far away sent them a text saying I would continue on slowly which I did. Steady run down Vernon with a few riders coming up which slowed me down, an average run across Witch Hill expecting the lads to catch me at any moment.  Continued around to Castle Rock and after stopping and looking back to see if the lads were there I decidsed to continue on.  Down Castle Rock and then rode around to Mt Pleasant.  Stopped and chatted with a bunch of E mtb riders and as the lads had not shown up I followed them up the hill.  Finally about half way up I saw the lads at the bottom.  I continued up and waited at the towers.  A bit of a break and then I followed them down Greenwood and then Ct Thomas.  Not a bad run, Phatboy decided to test how soft llanding in the grass is at the top of Ct Thomas along the way.  Drinks at Dot Com before a steady ride home.  Pushed hard for me.