Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday 13th May

Its been so long since I last entered a blog.  Many rides have past including The Old Ghost Road.  With me not able to ride with the boyz during the week no-one has been updating me so no blog entries.  Time to get back into it.

Saturday my bike was in the shop and weather reports did not look hopeful.  I had borrowed The Cooks Phatbike to give it a whirl.  He was still recovering from heart operation.  The weather was not bad but we did have early rain and some heavy stuff overnight so was surprised to find that the tracks had been opened.  Phatboy, Dozer and Silverfox all showed up so we trundled up Rapaki.  Lots of people.  I lagged a bit as I was trying to get used to the heavy steering of the bike and the large drag of the tyres.  At the first gate the lads regrouped and I trundled on. We all regrouped by the new track on the left but this was closed.  Phatboy tried to do the little single track along the edge but this was so slippery he came back to the main track.  Trundle trundle up we went.  Quick regroup before I set off over Vernon.  The lads gave me some space before riding on.  Phatboy caught me by the steep hairpins and Dozer soon followed.  Finally got to the road and the beginning of Traverse.  Waited for Silverfox.  The Phatbikes brakes were Phatastically useless with no front stopping power.  I tail ended this time only to learn that I had no traction on the greasy rocks which caused me a few issues.  Got to Vic Park for a regroup.  I headed down K2 track while the lads went down the Rock Garden.  Turns out this was pretty greasy.  I continued on K2 they took Shazzas.  AT the top of Brents Silverfox decided he had enough nerve jungling slipperiness and followed me down K2 for a regroup at Hospital Corner.  The other two came down the normal route but had to get off in spots becuase it was too greasy.  Down we went and after The Fox headed home we other 3 stopped at FAVA for drinks, watched some younglings play rugby before heading home.  Never will I ride a Phatbike again.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday 9th April

Tinks (on his hardtail), Dozer, Pierre (on his new full-sus) and Rubberjaws were all ready to roll outside Rubber's when Mellonfarmer turned up, and Phatboy arrived shortly thereafter. Off round Hanson's Park and up Ramahana.  As soon as they hit the hill Rubbs started getting chest pains and had to slow accordingly.  The rest of the fellas were happy to have a rest while he plodded on, slow and steady.  Then catching him and getting ahead and then waiting while he'd ride on past them at the top of the tarseal, then took a bit to catch him that time reeling him in at the pylons, then onwards and up eventually regrouping at the top. 

Across the road and onto Vernon, good blast around here tho lots of climbers who the crew either had to stop for or off-piste past.  Rubberjawns was feeling gooood at the top of Rapaki, but knew that he'd get the pain again on the next climb, so bailed here.  The rest of the crew continued, with varying degrees of success ranging from total cleanness to a couple of dabs.  On the road, up to Castle, and MF needed a snack.  Then they got into it, MF in the lead, having a great blast down with a good gappage on Phatboy.  MF paused at the first hairpin to see whether he was coming or not, and he showed up and from then on MF could feel him breathing down his neck.  Out onto the road and the crew moseyed around under the gondola and up, Pierre's first time on this section of road since the quakes(!). 

Into the Mt (un)Pleasant singletrack climb, Tinks and Phatboy in the lead, grinding up.  MF was catching up to the hairpin and around then getting gapped again.  Nice break at the top of Pleasant, where Pierre decided he'd backtrack to Bridle Path and head down to meet a mate at the Record Fair.  The remaining 4 headed down Pleasant and had a great blast down through.  A couple of mucky wet spots on the Lyttelton facing section, but all good the rest of the way through the tussocks.  Down to the start of Greenwood and MF led the boys into the new section, weaving back and forth for a start then heading across towards the Richmond Hill pines.  Several very soggy wet bits along this but otherwise all nice rolling.  Then they headed up the other new bit, climbing away towards the original Greenwood entrance.  One very boggy spot just near the top (right before the steepest little pinch).

Onto the road and around to Britten, good blaze down here except for the several quite long soggy sections.  The new blast across the face of the hillside was sweet and the boys enjoyed the new section of trail down to the end.  In particular the last steep rocky bit.  Over the fence, and down onto Longridge, then blast down Mt Pleasant Rd and into Craigieburn and walking the steps and riding the zigs and zags.  Last couple of corners had some sogginess, but the rest of the trail was drier than it ever used to be - drainage work must have worked.  Overgrown by toi toi in places, and one flax stalk got MFer in the chest then Phatboy in the face.  Otherwise and excellent blast down to the bridge, then an even better one from here down, especially the lower section.  Brief regroup before the last straightaway speedfest to the road.

Finally, around the roads, split up at the Ferrymead Bridge, PB and MF taking Humphrey's and Linwood, spinning out the kms home. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tuesday 29th February

A night of 4 rides.  I went out on my own as Tuesdays are fecked for me as a team rider.  A solid ride up Huntsbury carrying sleeping bag, food items, clothing etc to imitate what I need on the trip, then up Longhurst and down to the end.  I then climbed back up Longhurst which is a steep mother and then right onto Takehe Drive and down Kidson.  Left onto Dyers Pass and up to a left into Westeria Tce, left down Hackthorne and right into MacMillan before heading down Dyers and back to the car.

Meanwhile some of the lads including Bugs, Dozer, Phatboy and Juniour (i think) went up Ct Thomas at separate times, left along the road and then 4wd drive track to Godley track and back towards and down Ct Thomas...while The Cook parked up at the top of Evans rode along the road up the 4wd left to Godley Head and then singletrack to the car...

Meanwhile Mellonfarmer and Macgyver rode Captain Thomas as well, but up a track above Greenwood, up the ridge to the top of Mt Pleasant, back down, and around the two new(ish) ones that start at the Greenwood entrance and end at the Ruins, then back down Greenwood where they caught up with Phatbuoy and JuniorPhatty.  They all rode down The Thomas together..

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunday 12th february

Went out to the gate as Tinkerbell and Silverfox arrived.  Precisely at 9 we set off and met the Phatboy as we headed into the Park by the Woolston Cut.  We then travelled posse style to the bridge at Ferrymead.  The track along the towpath is getting rather overgrown.  We decided it was already warm and cruised up St Andrews stopping once in the shade for a quick regroup.  Finally arrived at the bottom entrance to John Brittain where I led off.  Hot work all the way stopping in the shade of the trees at the top.  Welcome relief from the sun and a little breeze to help cool off.  We decided to head straight up Broadleaf Lane for the shade.  Topped out at the aerials before taking our own lines down.  The rocks caused some discomfort for my ribs and back but I survived even if it was not the fastest trip down.  Phatboy and Dozer led off down Greenwood.  Everyone had a pretty good run down but it certainly was not my best.  We then rode the road section of Godley until we climbed up the farm track so we could do the fist section in reverse.  Quite a quick run here although I was starting to struggle.  Down Ct Thomas at various speeds with the boys all waiting for me after the tricky climb.  We then finished the down in quick time.  A stop at Dot Com and a discussion on possibilities for this years trip.  Then homeward along the road we headed.  Overall a good ride although it was hot!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Saturday 4th February

Hooked up with Phatboy, The Cook and Dozer on his new Trek and we headed up Rapaki.  Me feeling sore all the way.  Dozer still working out how to ride his machine.loop of Montgomery before the last uphill of Rapaki.  Others did some of the side singletrack while I headed up the smooth track.  Quick regroup before heading over Mt Vernon with me leading.  Another quick regroup before Phatboy led off around the Traverse.  All good until the dipper which really hurt my ribs.  I took the road down to The Kiwi while the others did Thompsons then we headed down Old Dyers for a look before climbing back to the skidder site.  Down Shazzas which hurt so much I rode down K2 while the others did Bridges etc.  Down the track and headed home for an early finish.

Monday, January 30, 2017

With a few of the lads having spent all day Saturday drinking at the beer fest and then one of them (Rubberjaws) having a bit of a prang coming home only a small posse went out. The below description was written by Bugs.  I have highligted and commented on a few bits.....

Tinkerbell and The Fox arrived at Bug's place where a new guy call Paul (Friends of Mellonfarmers) was also waiting out front. While Tinkerbell fixed his problem of a leaking bladder Dozer arrived on a brand new sparkling Trek. As it was red we all knew it was going to be fast. After a short chat we headed down Alport place to the single track around the river. Bug's lead with the other 4 close behind. Scared a runner on a blind corner and gave way to 5 or 6 others on the track. Arrived at Ferrymead bridge where we headed straight up St Andrews Hill. No stops on the way up but feeling the head as we climbed (when I ride I try to leave the head alone as it interferes with my ability to hold the handle bars) with no wind to cool us down. Short rest before we headed up the shared track though the paddocks. Tinkerbell lead with Paul just behind him then Dozer on the Red Trek, Bug's and Silver fox. Headed around under the summit road on John Britten. This is overgrown which meant the 1st 3 headed down the old track. Bug's shuck (whats a shuck) ahead of Dozer where the 2 tracks meet. Onwards to the road then over the fence and up we headed towards the aerials. At the top Bug's applied his pads to his knees and we started the down. Dozer 1st, then Bug's, Tinkerbell, The Fox and the Paul. 1st time here for him. Gave way to 5 guys riding up the rocks. Down we headed enjoying the ride in the dust the Treks 27.5 wheels. At the start of Greenwood Bugs lead with the rest behind. The 5 guys who were riding up where now chasing us all. Good ride down here with them getting past most of us. There leading guy caught up with Bugs at the 1st rocky climb at the bottom when Bugs cocked it up. Keep in-front of him till the bottom. The rest of them arrived then Dozer and the rest. Headed down Cpt Thomas from here with Dozer leading then Bugs, Tinkerbell, Paul and The Fox. Great ride down here clearing most of it. Stopped at Dot Com for Coffees etc. Bugs had an unknown traveler down his top which managed to sting him twice down his belly. After coffees we headed to the bikes where a comment was made about how skinny Fox's back tire was. Yes it was flat. While he fixed it we all watched. Headed back across the Causeway into a strong head wind. We all dropped into the single track at Ferrymead with Tinkerbell and the fox turning off to the nursery then Bug's and Dozer turning off at the bridge. Paul headed around the river to his from here. Great hot ride about 27km with 645m climbing.   

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday 24th January

Collected The Cook and drove to Worsley Rd where we unloaded the bikes.  Silverfox and Tinkerbell arrived so we rode into the Adventure Park and I led off up the uphill track.  Steady pace, dabbed on 1 section of hairpins on the way and eventually climbed out onto the access Rd that led us to the entrance into the lower green track.  I jumped in 1st and enjoyed a fast blast down to get my eye in.  Tinks came next followed eventually by Silverfox and The Cook.  They were delayed by Rex who they bumped into at the top.  Silverfox led off into the uphill for a 2nd loop.  Good run although dabbed on the same hairpin and then my phone rung.  This time we climbed to the start of Double overhead Cam.  Tinkerbell led followed by me.  Best and fastest run I have had down here shaving 41 seconds off my fastest time.  Felt good.  From here we went and had the customary beer at the cafe before riding back to the car and heading home.  Nice run .