Monday, October 2, 2017

Saturday 30th September

Up early and outside by 8am to meet the team for a ride only to remember it was a 8.30 start so back inside for a quick laydown.  8.30 I went out and met Silverfox, Tinkerbell and The Cook.  We rode off heading to Ferrymead collecting Dozer at Bamford Bridge before heading around to collect Dozer at Ferrymead Bridge.  Up St Andrews Hill with The Cook setting the pace. Steady all the way and then I led into John Brittain with Bugs passing me about 3/4s of the way up.  We went right at the top before hopping the fence and heading up Broadleaf Lane.  Down Mt Pleasant at a good little pace before heading under the Gondola and to Castle Rock Track.  Good climb up here with a couple of us making just 1 dab to clear the steep section and a couple of dabs around the hairpins.  Down and over Witch Hill and then Vernon.  Regrouped and then made Dozer lead around the Traverse.  Good clip around here with us being held up by slower riders a couple of times.  Of course we blamed Dozer on his Fire Engine Red Trek.  Down into Vic by way of thedownhill trail then into Shazzas, Brents, Bridges etc.  Decided to go up Hidden Valley and do Old skool.  Great run down before we split and headed home.  A few went for coffee.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Saturday 23rd September

Up and outside early for the planting at Halswell.  Dozer and Bugs joined me and we headed around Hansens and then up Ramahana onto Aotea and then Hunstbury turning right and heading down into BroadOaks.  From here we went around Cashmere Rd and up Dyers Pass turning right down Hackthorne.  I had a brainwave and we shot a left through an alley and came down Bengali Drive and back onto Cashmere Rd.  From here it was flatish with 2 little humps as we rode out to the quarry getting there with plenty of time to spare. I then encouraged the others to ride up Kennedys Bush Rd and we came back down through the park and stopped for coffee.  At 10 we rode to the planting site where we dug a few holes, planted a few plants and chatted.  Phatboy arrived after sleeping in.  After eating we headed back home into the wind.  Dozer was not with us but Phatboy was.  At Wilsons he headed towards work while Dozer and I completed the ride.  Nice ride.  I actually ended up riding the cruiser to Richmond and back later in the day and also got another 12km in the following day.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Saturday 16th

I awoke to a damp overcast day but was going out regardless as it was the Travis Wetland Planting.  I headed off around Claredon Tce onto Radley St to the end and then skipped through Bromley and Ruru Lawn Cemterys and headed over to the meeting point by ITM on Dyers RD.  Getting a light drizzle so put my jacket on while waiting for Dozer.  Discovered Map my ride had not started so got that fixed.  When Dozer arrived we headed through the ponds turning right into Bridge Street and then onto the track around the estuary to Brighton.  Over to Rawhiti Domain and then down the alleyways to Pacific Rd and then onto Beach Rd.  At Broadpark we headed down the track along the beach.  Weather was holding out and just before the single track we both took off jackets.  We rode the single track out to Spencer Park with us each taking turns to set the pace. Rode through the motorcamp and then back to singletrack swapping lead after each stage.  All the way back to where we hit the beach.  Stopped to chat with April a friend before heading down Beach road to the planting.  Great weather now and what a great turnout for the planting.  After the plants were planted and the food was finished we headed off down the road along QE2 drive then down Wainoni Road onto Ottawa, Huron, Vancouver and out to Dozers.  I continued on for a round trip of 44km.

The boys rode on Sunday but I have had no report.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunday 10th Septemnber

Woke up ready to ride.  Headed outside and hooked up with Silverfox (on his new 27.5 trek), Tinkerbell, The Cook, Phatboy, Bugs and Dozer.  Big Posse.  We headed around the road and started climbing Rapaki.  At the top of the road I had real bad chest pain and took another dose of spray.  Considered going home but decided to grovel on.  Phatboy was waiting at the first gate.  Rode slowly up the motorway hoping to get on top of things.  Near the flat spot Phatboy headed off to catch the others who had waited.  I steadily rode on.  Finally got to the top where the others were waiting.  I considered heading down here but decided to see how I felt at the start of Traverse.  Took the option of steady road ride around while the others headed over Traverse.  Got there just after the fastest 3 of Dozer, Phatboy and Tinkerbell. Feeling ok so I tailended the group as they headed around Traverse.  The flatness and up and down nature allowed some recovery so by the halfway point I passed Silverfox and chased The Cook down.  Regrouped at the pines.  They all talked me into going on to Marleys so I headed off ahead.  Good run down Thompsons and the boys caught me up just before Worsleys Rd so I did not bad pace.  Groveled up to the start. My run down Marleys was a bit shakey, certainly feeling things and still a few pains.  Into Vic park where it started to rain just as we went into the Gums.  Hailing as we went down Shazzas.  I decided the best thing for me was a ride straight down K2 while the others did Bridges etc.  Met them at the Hospital Corner.  Down we went and then onto Fava for drinks and food.  Thankful that I completed the journey and great support by the riders.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Saturday 19th August

A small posse of The Cook, Dozer (recvovering from a cold) Phaytboy (recovering from appendics removal) and I headed up Rapaki at a steady pace. Passing a few and dodging the walkers.  Looked to do Montgomery but that was closed so continued on up.  Phatboy and I not pushing too hard so the others did not drop off too much.  Short rest at the top before I led off over Mt Vernon.  Good run here and we had to regroup at the Traverse track as The Cook dropped ofgf a bit over here.  Once again I led off for a good run around the Traverse, only thing of high interest was a bunch of young runners sitting on the cattlestop near the last section.  Nearly bowled them off with my handlebars.  Waited and regrouped before doing the pines and then into Burnt out Thompsons.  Up the road to the start of Marleys where we waited and regrouped again.  Phatboy chased me down the Nun.  I had one of my better runs for a while down here.  Felt good.  Another regroup before a causual climb back to the top of Vic Park.  Down the Rock Garden and the Gums before regroup at the skidder site.  Down Shazzas and then we checked out some new track.  Not too bad but I did get off and one stop.  Slid down another.  The this throws you out onto the normal track (bridges) and down we went.  The bottom of the track was completely fecked and muddy.  Down the Bowenvale acees track and out to Fava for drinks and nibbles before heading home.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday 13th August.

2 sepparate rides today.

I headed out by myself as I only had time for a short ride.  I headed around through Hansens Park and then grunted up Huntsbury.  I then turned lefty over Mt Vernon having a nice run down here.  Once again the weather was just spot on.  Went down the track beside Rapaki until it got too muddy .  Onto Rapaki and then up for the Montgomery Loop.  Pretty greasy in spots but nice ride.  At the point where you start heading up again towards Rapki they have a closure in place.  You have to grunt across this mushy paddock, through a gate and up a steepish soft and muddy track, over a fence right near the twigg at the top before heading down a farmtrack back to Rapaki.  Had a sweet blast down the track and back to home.

meanwhile, Tinkerbell, Bugs, Dozer and The Cook (the last 2 feeling a little under the weather) headed up Mt Pleasant, down Greenwood, before heading along the road towards Godley until the farmtrack that goes back to the track.  They then headed back to Evans Pass before heading down Ct Thomas, Sumner and then home.  Tracks were in not bad condition it seems.

Saturday 12th August

Time to ride to Southshore to plant some trees.  I went outside and met up with JENNA and and Tinkerbell.  Yes JENNA was there although Tinkerbell may not of been aware of this.  We headed down Richardson Tce and then onto Radley Street where Tinkerbell was made aware that JENNA was with us.  Down Radley through Bromely Cemetry around the corner and and through Ruru Lawn Cemetry onto Maces rd then onto Ruru Road to the corner of Dyers where we met up with Dozer who noticed that JENNA was with us.  Down past the ponds and onto the track along the river.  We followed this all the way to Burwood Bridge before crossing and returning on the other side.  Followed the river through Brighton and then finally came out on Rockinghorse Rd and to the planting.  This was wonderful.  The weather was balmy and we rode in tee shirts.  Planted and then headed back along the way we came but only as far as Bridge St where we hung a left and got back onto Dyers through the ponds following our original outwards journey back to mine.  Lovely ride at a steady pace.