Monday, September 24, 2018

Saturday 22nd September

Headed off by myself towards the Halswell Quarry planting.  The normal route down Ford Road, across the river down the alley past New World and as I got to Buxton St the phone went.  McGyver was at my place so we agreed that I would meet him at New World.  Did that and we were off again through the park around the river and stopped at Tinkerbell and The Little Bumblebee on her new bike.  We then cruised off to Halswell and rode up the road to the Start of the Crocidile.  The Bumblebee encouraged us to head up The Low Road which we did.  Then we came down and dropped into Crocidle and Murphs before hitting the planting site.  Great run down the hill.  Amazing how many new little tracks appearing here.  Tinks and Bumblebee headed home early so McGyver and I headed home.  Head wind and me struggling with no energy left.  Had to stop along the way but we made it...or should I say I made it.  McGyver very supportive and patient.  Good ride in the end.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sunday 16th September.

Phatboy, Dozer, Bugs and The Cook met at mine and we did a flat ride over to the MTB park.  Was a bit strange riding in that direction for a change. We hooked up with Tinkerbell and then got the chairlift up.  Sun was shining and the air was warm.  Great day for being alive. We all took Lord of the Possums.  I was taleending until the Cook punctured.  Stopped and checked he was ok...all good so continued down.  We regrouped at the landing and waited and waited.  Phatboy rung the Cook.  Decided we would go on down and then hook up later.  They all went down Double overhead Cam while I took the easy line.  I then found the new technical green track which was fun and we regrouped at the bottom.  No Cook yet so we headed up.  Came down Yeah Yeah Nah and then onto the Possums.  Found the Cook at the landing.  Another punture.  We waited while that got sorted then they went down the Cam except for Tinkerbell who joined me.  Stopped for food at the bottom.  Phatboy hit the road then Tinerbell and I rode out while the others got a lift up and came down Old skool.  Good ride for me.

Sunday 9th September

I drove up to Upper Major Hornbrook and parked up.  Got on my bike and did a small loop near the bottom while I waited for the lads to ride up.  Big possee of Dozer, Mellonfarmer, McGyver, The Cook, Tinkerbell and Phatboy.  I led up the hill, gasping all the time and then let them lead around the top of John Brittain before crossing the road and heading up over Mt Pleasant.  That was a tough climb and I had to walk about 100 metres of it.  Finally at the top and then it was down hill.  Loved it.  Felt alive. We had a regroup above the ruins.  The lads headed down Greenwood for their thing and I headed down the single track to the pines before climbing out the old way and dropping down Brittain again.  Nicew wee loop for me.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Saturday 1st September

Decided it was time to test myself on a hill.  I got dropped off at the top of the tarmac on Huntsbury where i played while I waited for The Cook and Mellonfarmer to ride up.  From here it was a steady grind up to the top.  It was tougher than I hoped but I made it to the top.  From here it was around the Traverse at a steady pace.  Nowhere near as fast as usual for me and then we dropped down to the skidder site.  The boys went via the rockgarden and gums while I took the easy route down.  Now we have to go down the road to the park as the other roue has been closed to riders which is dum.  It puts more riders on the road.  Anyhow we head down and entered the park through Captain Cook, which was greasy as.  I dabbed in one spot and then as it joins the main track it was a grease pit and I nearly came off.  Mellonfarmer headed down shredzilla while the Cook led of down Loess ride.  The top section was pretty greasy in spots but dried out as you went further down.  Mellonfarmer was off the bike on his journey in one spot cos it was greasy as.  We all made it down where we went and had a drink and some food.  From here it was the usual route homewards for us.  Felt good to be out but gosh I was stuffed.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday 29th July

It was my last ride for a while due to my next stage of treatment.  Gosh the last stage slowed me down enough.  I set off half an hour early so I would not slow the others down too much.  It was a grind up with me looking over my shoulder in the top half.  Only stopped briefly to remove a layer and answer texts.  @ posses giving chase, the 1st was Phatboy, Tinkerbell, Bugs and the Cook and chasing them was Macgyver and Chocolate Boy (Paul)  As I neared the top of the hill I could see them all chasing.  Managed to stop and relax a moment before they all started arriving.  Then it was off around the Taverse.  Really enjoyed this catching and passing a few other cyclists.  Others headed down Thompsons to Sign of the Kiwi but I took the road.  We all headed down Choir Boy which was damp in places but very rideable.  Chocolate Boy had a puncture so the regroup was longer.  Down Loees ride which was fun and then a coffee at the bottom.  We all rode home via different routes.

Monday, June 25, 2018

saturday 23rd June

The Cook and I set off at a lovely 11am.  It was still only about 1 degree out but sunny skies.  We headed around Hansens and then started the climb up Huntsbury.  When we got onto Aotea TC I stripped off a layer before continuing on.   I felt like I was pushing hard while he was cruising along.  Continued on quick rest before the shingle started and then up we went.  Just past the pylons Phatboy finally caught us up.  A lazy morning saw him start late.  We continued on up.  The track was still very wet.  Finally at the top Phatboy played with his drone before we decided to avoid the mud and do the road to the Sign of the Kiwi.  We stopped for a cuppa tea and a bite before cruising on up to the planting on Marleys Hill.  Stayed longer than expected and started to get real cold in the shade.  Wrapped up and headed back the way we came.  I was pleased to have extra layers on on the downhills. Finally back at the top of Huntsbury we headed down at a good clip.  Home for a hot shower.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Saturday 26th May

Only 3 of us heading out today.  A late start to fit in with the Marleys Hill Planting and due to the weather we changed the plans slightly. We headed around Hansens and then up Huntsbury. Phatboy and The Cook cruising while I was pushing as hard as I could to keep up.  Just kept grinding all the way with a couple of stops along the way.  It was pretty cool.  Regrouped at the top and then headed around the Traverse.  Very wet from the outset.  You could feel the water spalshing up on your legs and shorts.  Made for cold riding.  Not a bad run considering.  At the top of Vic Park we took the road down to the Kiwi.  Thompsons was closed.  We had planned to drop into the MTB park but at that stage tracks were closed.  We stopped at the Sign of Kiwi for hot drinks and a tasty pie.  After this it was a grind upto the top of Marleys.  Planting time. We planted for about 1.5 hours.  Cold and slippery.  We then decided to check out Worsleys.  First time down here since the fire.  The top was usual Worsley until not long after the first bend past the top entrance to the MTB Park.  Slippery with an un-rideable mud patch we had to skirt.  Then it becomes high speed gravel road until you hit the tarmac. It was bloody cold coming down. Sad to see this old original track gone.  Down the tarmac and then followed the river along our usual route home.  Phatboy peeling off first the The Cook.
I have included Phatboys ride as I did not have map my ride on.