Monday, May 28, 2018

Saturday 26th May

Only 3 of us heading out today.  A late start to fit in with the Marleys Hill Planting and due to the weather we changed the plans slightly. We headed around Hansens and then up Huntsbury. Phatboy and The Cook cruising while I was pushing as hard as I could to keep up.  Just kept grinding all the way with a couple of stops along the way.  It was pretty cool.  Regrouped at the top and then headed around the Traverse.  Very wet from the outset.  You could feel the water spalshing up on your legs and shorts.  Made for cold riding.  Not a bad run considering.  At the top of Vic Park we took the road down to the Kiwi.  Thompsons was closed.  We had planned to drop into the MTB park but at that stage tracks were closed.  We stopped at the Sign of Kiwi for hot drinks and a tasty pie.  After this it was a grind upto the top of Marleys.  Planting time. We planted for about 1.5 hours.  Cold and slippery.  We then decided to check out Worsleys.  First time down here since the fire.  The top was usual Worsley until not long after the first bend past the top entrance to the MTB Park.  Slippery with an un-rideable mud patch we had to skirt.  Then it becomes high speed gravel road until you hit the tarmac. It was bloody cold coming down. Sad to see this old original track gone.  Down the tarmac and then followed the river along our usual route home.  Phatboy peeling off first the The Cook.
I have included Phatboys ride as I did not have map my ride on.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Saturday 19th May

I headed off on a cool morning towards Ferrymead Bridge, taking the towpath when I could.  About half way along Bugs caught up and we continued on.  At the bridge we were joined pretty quickly by Dozer and Phatboy.  I led off up St Andrews hill with the lads letting me set the pace.  We stopped at the first corner to strip a layer off and then continued.  Bugs had a quick brake adjustment so I got a small lead on them.  Finally (it seemed like a long grind) we were up near John Brittain.  The lads stopped while Bugs re adjusted his brake and I continued up the single track.  It did not look like anyone had been up there for a while.  We regrouped just by Broadleaf Lane.  Up the grind with my legs running on empty.  Quick stop and then down Greenwood.  Me cruising and enjoying the run.  It is months since I was down this track and I enjoyed it immensely. A couple of dabs but a nice flow.  We then headed down Ct Thomas with Phatboy getting out front to get some drone footage.  Once again I cruised it dabbing in the usuals.  We regrouped just after the last rocks and continued on down to Dot Com for drinks.  The slog home was awful.  I had nothing left in the legs and I was thankful that Bugs led most of the way and then Phatboy took over for the last bit of the trelk back to Ferrymead Bridge. We split off with Bugs and I heading down the towpath.  Had an incident where a woman with her son on the back of their ute bike slid off in front of us but otherwise just a cruise.  Pleased to be out .

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sunday 6th May

The 1st planting of the year.  I headed off on the Cruiser around to Phatboys where I met up with Bugs, Then Phatboy and finally Dozer arrived.  Straight down Kilmore and through the park to where we met Tinkerbell by the cycleway behind Monavale.  We headed straight along here meeting up with Mellonfarmer on the section after Wairekei Rd.  Continued on down and ending up at the cafe on Cavendish Rd.  A coffee and then to the planting where we worked for 1.5 hours.  We reversed directions with Dozer peeling off towards QE2 drive at Northcote Road. We continued with Mellonfarmer peeling off just after Harewood.  Tinkerbell peeled off at Monavale and the the last 3 of us headed through the park and down Armagh where we seperated at Manchester. I headed off to mow lawns before heading home.  After a brief stop I headed out with the family for a quick drink and a bite to eat.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sunday 22nd April

Another small posse consisting of Phatboy, Bugs, The Cook and myself set off around Hansens and then up Gruntsbeery.  A stop to delayer on the climb up the road and then a quick regroup at the top of the summit.  Up the track we went with Phatboy giving it a nudge.  I appreciate that they are  taking turns riding with me at my snails pace on the ups.  Regrouped at the summit and then Phatboy set off to set up the drone.  Bugs led off followed by The Cook and then me.  Bugs was not so quick as he was avoiding puddles.  At the rock garden section I took the high line passing the Cook who bashed his pedal on the low line slowing him down.  Sat hard behind Bugs all the way around from here.  Regrouped at the Pines before I led off to the top of the park and then straight into Thompsons.  No trees to hit but a weird tree fall nearly saw me hook up my bars.  Sounded like The Cook did the same.  Into the 2nd stretch and lookout the Chinese taking photos near the beginning.  They moved over in time.  Good run down here dicovering The Cook followed while Phatboy and Bugs bailed down the road.  Phatboy led off down Choirboy where we all had a good run.  They have scraped the muddy section which should be all good for winter.  Down we went and then into Loes Rider.  I enjoyed this as much as the others.  Caught the chairlift to the top and came down Yeah Yeah Gnar.  First time since the fire.  Nice little old style track which drops you into Lord of the Possums.  We then came down Double overhead Cam.  Nice track with a few little twists, turns and little steep drops along with some jumpy bits.  Stopped for food and drinks before taking the river route home.  Phatboy peeling off along the way.  Just a cruise home.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday 15th April

Only a small posse of The Cook, Tinkerbell, Bugs and I rode out from my place this morning. It was very cool and windy from the word go. Headed up Rapaki and I took off a layer at the top of the tarmac.  Tinkerbell rode with me while the others were a tad ahead.  Stopped at the next gate for a regroup and I took off the leggings.  Continued on up at a steady pace.  The Cook way out in front.  He was waiting at the Montgomery Spur track.  The boys headed up to ride the single track alongside Rapaki while I stayed on the main track.  The Cook actually started to ride Montgomery before realising no one was with him.  Nice tail wind up the end of Rapaki.  We headed straight into Mt Vernon due to the wind.  A bit gusty over here giving some movement as we rode.  It was nicely sheltered at the start of the Traverse so we stopped. Mellonfarmer appeared with his son Otis.  They had come up Huntsbury and were heading towards Rapaki. We carried on at a good clip stopping in the Pines.  I led off down the jumpy track for a change. Breif stop at the skidder site before heading down Shazzas then into Brents, Bridges etc.  Tracks were not bad a couple of greasy spots but not wet.  We headed up hidden valley to old Skool for a nice blast down to the end. Stopped at Fava for drinks before fighting the head wind home (although Tinkerbell had a tale wind.).

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Sunday 1st of April

Dozer arrived at mine where I gave him the sad news that Silverfox was ordered off his bike on medical grounds.  This makes me the oldest in the pack now.  We headed around and hooked up with Phatboy and Juniour at the bottom of Rapaki Road, we could see Tinkerbell and his Bumblebee on the road ahead of us.  We all regrouped at the end of the tarmac before heading up the Rapaki Track.  Jenna and I were at the back for a while but at the Tree we hassled the others out of our way and took the lead.  Hung a left onto Montgomery Spur where I took the lead at a steady pace.  At the top I put a gap on everyone having a blast on the new bike.  Headed around having fun and pushing it along and stopped for a regroup before heading up the top of Rapaki.  Our Bumblebee on the main track while the rest of us started on the side track.  I slowed up to let Juniour catch as he was feeling slightly unfit.  Regrouped at the top before Phatboy led off over Vernon.  The rest of us spread out behind riding as hard or soft as we wanted.  Regrouped at the start of Traverse where Phatboy took off to set up the Drone.  I led off at a good pace passing the Drone and controller at the dipper  and then stopped before the pines for a regroup.  We all dropped down to the skidder site from here.  Most via the Rock Garden and Gums while Juniour and Phatboy went another way.  From here we took the track to the memorial and then down to the road and across into CAP.  A brilliant blast down Loess Rider before regrouping at the bottom.  We said goodbye to Dozer, Tinkerbell and the Lovely Bumblebee.  I went and got my pass before we headed to the lift.  Juniour had to go and reload his pass so Phatboy and I waited at the top.  The lads led into Lord of the Possums until Juniour flatted so while they fixed that I continued on down.  I waited at the half way point and they eventually showed up.  They led in to Handle the Jandal which was fun and fast but the last bit is a tad boring.  Should be good when its finished.  Phatboy punctured at the bottom so another short break.  Up the Chairlift and into Summit Connection and then onto the Flying Nun for a great run.  Up the road to the top of Vic park before Phatboy and I lost Juniour.  We went down the Rock Garden, Gums, Shazzas, Brents, Bridges etc and met up with Juniour who had come down the Nationals track.  We rode on until the headed towards their car and I headed home.  Bloody good effort I must say.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Sunday 25th March

All tracks pretty much closed after the rain so a small Posse of Bugs, Tinkerbell, Phatboy, The Cook and I set off up Rapaki.  Steady climb with Tinks holding back so I would not be riding alone.  Surprised by how soggy and wet the track was in spots.  Continued around the tarmac to the left and had a wee break at Evans Pass.  Phatboy headed down to set up the drone while Bugs and Tinks played together.  Down we went getting up some good speed while Phatboy practised with the drone.  Down to Dot Com where we decided there were no tables so we headed off and stopped at the Twisted Hop for tea, coffee and fruit juice.  Then home by 12.