Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday 20th November

Went outside and found Silverfox had arrived. We went across the road and adjusted his brakes while we waited. Tinkerbell and Dozer arrived and we headed off towards Sumner. We went around the river with me setting the pace. good pump around here and then over the causeway. had 2 slow roadies in my sights and kept pumping hard, passing them just before Shagged Rockpile. Arrived outside Dot Com to meet up with Phatboy and Sandals. Already hot before we started the climb. headed up Richmond hill Road. Regrouped at the lookout and then up to the farm track. Warm but good climb. All at our own pace but all pushing hard. Then around the road and into greenwood. After the you go first, I will tailend comnversation it was sorted and off we went. Good pump stopping before the ruins to let a farmer muster his sheep. From here it was a blast down. Phatboy stopped to create his own waterfall and we all regrouped not long after this. Down we went again, I got some lines completely wrong but stayed on. We then climbed back up the road to the pines. Dozer was feeling like I have for 6 months and I saw Silverfox dropping off the front so I dug it in. Nearly killed me and I still did not quite catch the Fox. Down towards Richmond Hill Rd across sheep trails then off piste we went again back to the farm track above the road. Fast run down to Dot Com for coffee. The original four hopped on the bikes and pumped back to mine. By time I got there I was pretty stuffed and the Silverfox was still going like an Everyready battery. Hot and knackered I was!!

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